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YangaSport is providing you with a great opportunity of owning a personal business by partnering with the fastest growing sports betting network in Nigeria. We are a premium sports betting network dedicated to retail & online players in Nigeria and beyond.

We offer our customers,
Online & in Shop, the opportunity to play over 7000 events on various sports, with big bonuses on the best odds you’d get in Nigeria. Agents are not left out as we make sure after joining the Family, Our agents get the best commissions. We guarantee your job as an agent is made very easy.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity of becoming part of YangaSport!
Sign up as an agent and Earn up to 1 million naira monthly.
What You Need
We have made the process of New Agent Sign-ups as easy as possible to enable you to start trading as quickly as possible.
    Your success is improved by selecting a Good Location:
    • Preferably a market/residential area that has a diverse demographic
    • Densely populated with daily income earners such as retail and wholesalers of consumable goods, spare parts dealers, etc.
    • Or a residential area with a high density of low to mid-income earners in a rural or unofficial layout setting such as resettlement camps around or within the central region or Satellite towns
    Your business will require the following equipment:
    • Minimum startup capital of Twenty Thousand Naira only (₦20,000.00)
    • Desktop computers for cashiers and for customers to book bets
    • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
    • Television set(s)
    • Thermal printer
    • Standby generator
    • High-speed broadband internet connection
    Your business will require the following equipment:
    • Mini outlet – minimum of 6-8 square meters
    • Midi Outlet -.minimum of 9-12 square meters.
    • Standard outlet – minimum of 13-25 square meters.
    • Mega outlet – 60-100 square meters
Becoming A Yangasport Agent is Risk Free
Agent Benefits
    The weekly sport bonus is our additional method of rewarding our agents for consistency and good work. This bonus which ranges up to 60% of your profit share from our sportbetting platforms and will be paid on Tuesdays every week.
  • Quality Team Support
    YangaWin supports you with marketing and branding within your locality to complement the marketinag media we do on other platform. You also get dedicated 24/7 customer support team available via telephone, mail and live chat.
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