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Betting Rules

YangaSport grants to its customers a bonus on multiple bets.

Please note that you have entered a new Bonus on Multiple that allow you to receive up to 130%in bonuses!

The bonus will be applied only to the coupon with a minimum of 5 events and total total total fixed (see table)

The percentage of bonus on the first 5 events will be 5%, from the 6th event and then 'increased by 5% for every bet up to a maximum of 30 events with 130% .of the bonus.

Note: bonus calculated from the minimum quota, visible in the bonus section of your account.

The promotion will be applied to all the coupons. The events recorded VOID will not be taken into account for the application of the bonus.


  • The "System" gives you the chance 'to make more' bets with a number of selections more 'low compared to the number of selected events. This means that the bettor can 'win the bet even guessing not the result of one or more events offered. This section also provides the variation with 'making betting with fixed odds and bet on the same rotation using the"B(Bankers)

    Example: if we select these four sporting events:

    West Brom- Chelsea 1
    Stoke- Arsenal 2
    Torino-Bologna 1
    Valencia-Barcelona X

    We can make a bet that includes all four predictions (quadruplet or quadruple) and four bets that include three at a time (terni or triple) the four selected predictions.

    The bets are then possible:

    West Brom- Chelsea 1 1 1 1  
    Stoke- Arsenal 2 2 2   2
    Torino-Bologna 1 1   1 1
    Valencia-Barcelona X   X X X

    If we want to consider one of the events fixed (Banker), such as Leeds-Chelsea, we can bet on the quadruplet (or quad) and the three terni (or triple) formed by the fixed prediction (Banker) and two of the three remaining predictions in rotation:

    West Brom- Chelsea 1 B
    Stoke- Arsenal 2  
    Torino-Bologna 1  
    Valencia-Barcelona X  

    The bets are then possible:

    West Brom- Chelsea 1 1 1 1
    Stoke- Arsenal 2 2 2  
    Torino-Bologna 1 1   1
    Valencia-Barcelona X   X X

    The amounts can vary between the different combinations but not inside it. Taking for example the previous round, you can 'bet four times to € 10 and the three terni for € 20 each for a total of € 70.

    To facilitate the understanding and development of the combinations we publish the following table.

    Number of events 3 4 5 6 7 8
    4 4 1        
    5 10 5 1      
    6 20 15 6 1    
    7 35 35 21 7 1  
    8 56 70 56 28 8 1
    9 84 126 126 84 36 9
    10 120 210 252 210 120 45
    11 165 330 462 462 330 165
    12 220 495 792 924 792 495
    13 286 715 1287 1716 1716 1287
    14 364 1001 2002 3003 3432 3003


  • A DOUBLE INTEGRAL and 'a game that allows you to make multiple bets at once by using multiple tips for various sporting events. The total number of bets (or columns) and 'the product of the odds of the same event in the selection.
  • And 'possible to select a maximum of 30 sports events.
  • And 'possible to insert only equal amounts for each column (eg 4 columns € 10 each for a total of € 40).
  • Bet single column (or multiple normal):
    Leeds-Manchester Utd 1
    Juventus-Milan X
    Real.Madrid-Barcelona 2
  • Double integral in two columns (or to a double):
    Leeds-Manchester Utd 1 1
    Juventus-Milan X  
    Real.Madrid-Barcelona 2  
  • Double Integral in four columns (or two twins):
    Leeds-Manchester Utd 1 1
    Juventus-Milan X  
    Real.Madrid-Barcelona 2 2
  • Is direct responsibility of the customer to check whether the number of combinations and the total amount wagered actually correspond to his will before confirming the bet. Once confirmed, the bet can not be canceled , unless YangaSport stating that there was a real error at the time of confirmation , independent of the customer.
  • The potential winnings are displayed on the printing of the bet or bets on the list in the client's account.
  • YangaSport has the right to limit the maximum potential payout per bet or combination inside a bet. If the customer were to exceed this limit , an automatic message will inform you of that fact. If the customer confirmation in any case, shall lose the right to collect any winnings above the set limit. The potential payout is actually displayed in the list of the betting account.
  • The maximum payout to any individual customer can not ' be greater than 45000 € 15000 € per day and per week . In the case of winnings exceeding YangaSport reserves the right to withdraw the surplus. YangaSport recognizes that, in the case of integral systems or correction of an error, the date of the last event in this coupon considering a single coupon.Il name in your account must match your name and your legal identity and name used in the registration of your account must match the name of the holder of (s) paper (s) of credit or other payment accounts used to make deposits or receive money in your account To verify your identity the Company reserves the right at any time request proof of identity and address satisfactory. Failure to provide this documentation may result in suspension of your account. It is forbidden to be in possession of more than one Account. If you have more than one account or accounts on different names, you must contact us immediately so that your accounts are managed in such a way that you will have only one. YangaSport reserves the right to close your / your account / s if you have it open more ' than one. If YangaSport has justified reasons to believe that multiple accounts have been opened with the intention of defrauding YangaSport, the same reserves the right to cancel any transaction (bet and win ) connected to a fraud attempt.
  • In the event that membership is open to many accounts in an attempt to place the same bets, YangaSport reserves the right to pay up to € 15,000 for all accounts of the same affiliation. For the purposes of clarity the day is from 00:00 CET to 24:00 CET (Central European Time).
  • The information on this site are purely indicative. Should be considered the official dates, matchs and the results indicated by the official and / or from various sports federations. Any claims based on information reported by the newspapers, the TV and/or other media will not be taken into account.
  • Bets will be accepted up to the start time published for each event. Where it is erroneously accepted a bet on an event already started , YangaSport reserves the right to give such an event at odds of 1.00 . If the bet was placed with the obvious intent to defraud the Company, YangaSport reserves the right to close the account and keep the funds on it for a minimum period of 2 years.
  • YangaSport will use all available resources to ensure the accuracy of the information given on the site . However, should there be any obvious errors due to typos , or reverse transcription, YangaSport reserves the right to make corrections even to score and set the event at odds of 1.00
  • If a football match is postponed or canceled for the day that was scheduled at the time the bet was placed , all bets on that match will be void, unless the game is not played 24 hours from published timetable.
  • An event interrupted for any reason ( even at the last minute) and not resumed and completed within the time frame indicated, shall be void.
  • All odds are variable. The share is the one proposed by YangaSport valid at the time of confirmation of the bet. In case of dispute, the time will prevail and the changes contained in the database YangaSport.
  • In the case of some error in the publication of the shares, YangaSport reserves the right to intervene by modifying the event with giving Null share equal to 1, even at the end of it. In the case of single bets, your stake will be refunded. In the case of multiple bets that winning is valid elements that contain deleted, your bet will be a winner, however, and the fee will be determined solely by the product of the odds for qualifying events.
  • In case of obvious error in the publication of shares / spread / handicaps / Total, we reserve the right to void all bets containing the incorrect entries even after the start and end of the event. In the case of multiple bets, the bet will be settled based on the remaining valid selections (if any).
  • Mistake in the identity of the participating teams: when a team or a player is listed with the wrong name, all bets will be void, except if we decided that incorrect information does not face any difference to the payment of the bet.
  • In the event that they are accepted by mistake multiple bets in which the result of a selection can have impact, or be regarded as being dependent on the outcome of another (for example, a team that wins a competition and winning a single match within the competition itself), these selections will be void and the bet will be paid considering the remaining valid selections (if any).
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