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Cash-out offer is available both pre-game and in-play, as well as online and retail. Cash-out offers punters the opportunity to secure their winnings before the results of all events on a bet slip are determined.

Pre-Match cash-out Implies that either 10% or 15% of the stake amount is subtracted from the bet slip.

The in-play cash-out rule is settled during live events, the odds of matches yet to be played will be removed while the current odds of the live games determine the cash-out amount.

 Cash-out does not apply to all games, markets, and bet types. Some market options do not have both in-play and auto cash-out.

The auto cash-out rule depends on the odds of the settled bets or running bets after subtracting 10% from the ACCA BONUS.

 The ‘Cash Out’ amount is calculated based on the current odds and is subject to change depending on the time you accept a 'Cash Out'.

Terms And Conditions

• The ‘Cash Out’ functionality is not available for bets placed as ‘Free bet.

• ‘Cash Out’ functionality invalidates CUT-1 and CUT-2 offers.

• The ‘Cash Out’ functionality is available only on multi-bets. System bets are excluded from the ‘CashOut’ functionality.

Availability of ‘Cash Out’ offers is not guaranteed for all events or bet types at any time, even if it had been offered for the same event or bet type before.

Cash-out is only available to bets placed with real money; Bonus wagers are not eligible.

YangaSport shall not be liable for cash-out errors due to technical or feed malfunctions.

YangaSport reserves the right to void and reclaim any ‘Cash Out’ where there is an indication of abuse of the ‘Cash Out’ feature.

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